EEB 5370 (2023): Restoration Biology

This year, we focused on reading papers about habitat restoration.

Week Who Topic Reading Notes
23 Jan Chris E. Introduction 1. Cairns and Heckman. 1996. Restoration ecology: The state of an emerging field. Annual Review of Energy and the Environment 21:167-89.
 30 Jan Katy Restoration and theory 1. Hobbs and Norton. 1996. Towards a conceptual framework for restoration ecology. Restoration Ecology 4:93-110.
2. Palmer, Ambrose, and Poff. 1997. Ecological theory and community restoration ecology. Restoration Ecology 5: 291-300.
3. Suding, Gross, and Houseman. 2004. Alternative states and positive feedbacks in restoration ecology. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 19:46-53.
 6 Feb N/A NO MEETING 1. Heger et al. 2022. Mapping and assessing the knowledge base of ecological restoration. Restoration Ecology e13676.
2. Romanelli et al. 2021. Reliability of evidence-review methods in restoration ecology. Conservation Biology 35:142-154.
3. Society for Ecological Restoration’s database
4. Conservation Evidence database
No class this week, but look over these papers and sources of information on restoration ecology.
 13 Feb Laura Theory in practice 1. Young et al. 2005. The ecology of restoration: historical links, emerging issues and unexplored realms. Ecology Letters 8:662-673.
2. Hilderbrand, Watts, and Randle. 2005. The myths of restoration ecology. Ecology and Society 10.
3. Bernhardt et al. 2005. Synthesizing U.S. river restoration efforts. Science 308:636-637.
 20 Feb Vikas Implementation 1. Suding. 2011. Toward an era of restoration in ecology: successes, failures, and opportunities ahead. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 42:465–87.
2. Higgs et al. 2014. The changing role of history in restoration ecology. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 12:499-506.
 27 Feb Lindsey Modern principles 1. Gann et al. 2019. International principles and standards for the practice of ecological restoration. Second edition. Restoration Ecology 27:S1-S46.
2. FAO, IUCN CEM & SER. 2021. Principles for Ecosystem Restoration to Guide the United Nations Decade 2021–2030. Rome, FAO.
 6 Mar Hunter Practical issues 1. Pedrini et al. 2020. Seed enhancement: getting seeds restoration-ready. Restoration Ecology 28:S266-S275.
2. Weidlich et al. 2021. Priority effects and ecological restoration. Restoration Ecology 29:e13317.
3. Breed et al. 2019. The potential of genomics for
restoring ecosystems and biodiversity. Nature Reviews Genetics 20:615-628.
 27 Mar Alyssa Rewilding 1. Lorimer et al. 2015. Rewilding: science, practice, and politics. Annual Review of Environment and Resources 40:39-62.
2. Perino et al. 2019. Rewilding complex ecosystems. Science 364: eaav5570.
3. Carroll and Noss. 2021. Rewilding in the face of climate change. Conservation Biology 35:155-167.
 3 Apr Salt marsh case study: background 1. Kirwan & Megonigal. 2013. Tidal wetland stability in the face of human impacts and sea-level rise. Nature 504:53-60.

2.Liu et al. 2021. Success of coastal wetlands restoration is driven by sediment availability. Communications Earth & Environment 2:44.

 10 Apr Salt marsh case study: Species-specific restoration 1. Elphick et al. 2015. Tidal-flow restoration provides little nesting habitat for a globally vulnerable saltmarsh bird. Restoration Ecology 23:439–446.

2. Roman et al. 2002. Quantifying vegetation and nekton response to tidal restoration of a New England salt marsh. Restoration Ecology 10:450–460.

3. Bernhard et al. 2012. Increased variability of microbial communities in restored salt marshes nearly 30 years after tidal flow restoration. Estuaries and Coasts 35:1049-1059.

 17 Apr Salt marsh case study: restoring services 1. Needelman et al. 2018. The science and policy of the verified carbon standard methodology for tidal wetland and seagrass restoration. Estuaries and Coasts 41:2159-2171.

2. Cheng and White. 2022. Dredge-material created coastal marshes are more effective at improving water quality than natural marshes in early-stage development. Ecological Engineering 185:106814.

 24 Apr Chris E Future of restoration 1. Perring et al. 2015. Advances in restoration ecology: rising to the challenges of the coming decades. Ecosphere 6:131.
2. Strassburg et al. 2020. Global priority areas for ecosystem restoration. Nature 586:724-729.
3. Fischer et al. 2021. Making the UN decade on ecosystem restoration a social-ecological endeavor. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 36:20-28.